The trade off

My 8 year old daughter is obsessed with technology.

‘Mum can I play a game on your iPhone?’ ‘Mum can I use your iPad?’ ‘When can I get a phone?’

What really makes me sad is that she prefers them over doing practical activities with her family. Many times I have tried to get her involved in cooking as she loved it when she was younger. But now days she would rather play restaurant games on the iPad. As much as I try to limit it, she wants to go from one thing to another.

I have at times forced her to be outdoors, which she eventually enjoys (after her initial shock!). She remembers how much fun it is to jump on the trampoline, swing on the swing and play in the sand. To run around, roll down hills and have a picnic. Its just unfortunate that I must be the instigator and the one who takes technology away.

She has traded practical things like playing outside and cooking with her mum for technology. Hopefully one day we will be able to find a happy medium to include both and by having boundaries I hope that this can be achieved.


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